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small business loans

Getting the Money You Need

The money you need to open the business of your dreams, or add to your current one, is available- right now- if you know how to go and get it.

Problem is, most people don't know. The first thing they do wrong is, they go to a bank.

Yes, you read that right! Here's why:

The only way a bank has to judge whether or not to give you the money is to look at your loan proposal. Period. And the truth is, most loan proposals don't get funded- in fact, 93% of SBA loan proposals are turned down flat.

Therefore, the way to get your money is to first create a fundable loan proposal, THEN go to a bank!

So, what are the secrets to putting together a fundable loan proposal?

sba loans

Creating A Fundable Loan Proposal

The difference between a loan proposal that gets the money and one that doesn't is all based on knowing exactly what the bank is looking for, and making sure they see it when they look at your proposal.

Basically, a loan proposal consists of two critical parts:

  1. A complete business plan with full financial statements;
  2. A complete set of supporting documents, including the loan application.

It isn't difficult if you know what to do, but very few people have this knowledge.

You need a plan that answers the questions the bank cares about. You need financial statements that meet the banks' specific requirements.

Many people buy generic business plan software to help them with this but end up getting turned down because they aren't showing the bank what it needs to see to be able to say "Yes" to their loan.

Even having the right plan, however, is only half the battle.

What else makes the difference...

Insider Secrets to Getting the Loan

Here is just a fraction of the knowledge offered that will separate your loan package from the rest of the pack:

  • When to schedule your loan review- the time of day and month makes a big difference!

  • Why hearing NO is the best first step to getting to yes

  • How to have the all answers before the questions even get asked

  • Where to find the industry performance statistics you'll be compared with so you can make sure you are beating them

  • What to do if you are including real estate as part of your deal- and what to avoid

  • How to make construction financing meet with the banks approval- usually a big stalling point

  • Why 98% of start ups get turned down, and how you can avoid the same fate

  • How to deal with not enough collateral or less than perfect credit and still get the loan

If you are serious about getting the loan you want, then you need the right information to help you get there- that's what we provide:

A shortcut to the 7% winners circle!

And the nice thing is, we can help you create your loan package all in one weekend!

sba loans

Do It in One Weekend? You're Crazy!

Actually, no. With our software, we've taken all the tedious work out of creating a loan request package- all you have to do is fill in the blanks as we guide you through it.

We show you exactly how to put together your business plan, sentence by sentence. And with the financials, you don't have to be a "numbers" person- our program does everything for you, step by step, and makes you look like a financial whiz.

Once you have the plan in hand, we help you create the rest of the package so that when the banker sees it, he won't be able to say no!

How do we know he won't say no? We Guarantee our proven plan will raise the money you need, or it won't cost you a cent!

And the best part is:

Most people can complete our plan and financials and be ready to start raising money in less than 10 hours.

There Must be More to It. What?

Sure, in order to create your loan proposal you have to figure out some important business details. You have to do some planning. But we help with that, too.

We help you figure out answers to all the important questions you need to think through in order to give the banker exactly what he is looking for in your proposal. We help you figure out how to answer things like:

  • What about collateral? What about my credit history?
  • What kind of sales should I project?
  • How much will equipment cost? What about leasing?
  • What kind of staffing expenses do I show?
  • What do I say about the competition?
  • How much rent can I really afford?
  • What will it cost to launch? How profitable will I be?
  • And tons of other issues- all made simple and easy to understand and answer!

The way you get your money is to convince the bankers that you have the answers they're looking for- and with this package, you will!

And now you probably have a ton
     of questions, like...

What exactly do you get?
How much does it cost?
How does our Guarantee work?
Can this really work for you?
And lots more...

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small business loans

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